The Arabber Preservation Society was created in 1994 to help the Retreat Street stable comply with city building codes. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and preservation of Baltimore's horse-cart vendors (the arabbers) and functional horse-cart vending (arabbing). We recognize arabbing as an African-American folk tradition; an economically viable system and a method of apprenticeship unique to Baltimore. In recent years some of the last stables and arabbers have not been able to survive. The Arabber Preservation Society is dedicated to helping them continue their vital and autonomous economy without interference.
An arabber (or a-rabber) is a street vendor (hawker) selling fruits and vegetables from a colorful, horse-drawn cart. Once a common sight in American East Coast cities, only a handful of arabbers still walk the streets of Baltimore. They rely on street cries to attract the attention of their customers. With their colorful wagons and beautiful animals, Arabbers are can bring the special charm of Baltimore to any event. Contact Us to find out more information about customizing an arabber wagon for your event. Our pony party packages are the best your child could ever imagine, and our event coordinators can assist you with a successful, worry-free event! When we come to your party, you'll see that our happy and well cared for ponies are always pre-bathed, dressed, and outfitted in great looking tack. The Arabber Preservation society is a non-profit organization founded in 1998. We are working to protect and empower the Baltimore arabbers while enshrining their culture and training the next generation. The purpose of raising the funds are for building upgrades, new equipment creating horse fields, and overall enhancement of tour outreach program to reach a wider community.
During the twentieth century, it became a locally specific, African American tradition. Called “Arabbing,” street peddling in Baltimore became a means by which black people could achieve some economic independence and demonstrate their ability to succeed in the context of an American culture that limited their opportunities. read the complete thesis by arabber historian Sydney Jenkins here.
T-shirts, art prints, and more - Coming Soon - For weddings, proms, and special events the arabbers have a myriad of beautiful horse drawn carriages to fit the occasion driven by professionals for safe ride and a forever memory. Our Last Ride Funeral service comes complete with a tuxedo clad driver, hearse wagon and majestic black steed to send your loved one off in a style no one soon will forget.
The Arabbers are often int he Media for their mission to keep fresh food and horsemanship in Baltimore. Your Can reach our president and Stable Director James Chase at 443-615-8404. You can also reach M. Holden warren, vice president and Media relations specialist at 443-683-7218 or
James Chase - President Dan Van Allen President emeritas M. Holden Warren - Vice President Deloise Noble-Strong - Treasure Sydney Jenkins - Secretary